For doll wardrobe, scrapbooking, knitting, embrodery, bags...

Small 3 to 6 mms

The smallest buttons in the world, since 3,5 mms 3,5 mms, 4 mms, 5 mm to 6 mms.

Smalls 6 to 9 mms.

Plastic buttons with 6 at 10 mm, 0,6 at 1 cm, diameter.

Fancy button.

Heart, animals, kitchen, family, baby, seasonal, hobbies, hollidays....

Dress it up

The most famous and nicest fancy button!

Shank buttons

Sewing button with one foot, various shapes. (2-25)

Pearly, bright or matt.

Buttons with pearlesred reflections, imitation Pearl, shiny. (2-33)

Geant, Bigsized 1,5 to...

Large colored round buttons, two holes, four holes, notches to 1,5 cm at 5 cms.

Medium size 10 to 15 mm

Knob 11 mm to 15 mm, knob 1.1 cm to 1.5 cm. (2-24)

printed, motif.

Buttons with motifs, gingham, peas, Scottish, striped....

Natural materials

Buttons made with natural materials, wood, mother-of-pearl, leather...

Haute Couture Style

 inspired by Haute Couture, (2-28)

Carte boutons

Retro style cards with sewn buttons. (2-21)

Buttons 1 cm

Buttons 1 cm in diameter

Ethnic buttons

Ethnic buttons in wood, mother-of-Pearl, plastic and all shapes.... (2-34)

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Buttons 6mm matt

Price €0.79
Price for 10 buttons 0,6 cm, 6 mm wide 2 mm thick Mat. pastel or bright. Very good...

Tiny buttons on foot

Price €0.90
Buttons rustic hollow balls for 4 mm, 0.4 cm doll clothes.

Snowflake button

Price €0.10
Christmass button, snowflake, with leg, shank button, 2 cms.