Vntage and new fabrics.

Antique, vintage and new fabrics in small or medium size..

Antique and vintage...

Vintage and antique fabrics, difficult to find as silk velvet, handkerchief linen...


Coupons, small, medium and large old fabrics or recovery (2-142)

Fabrics old linen

Old fabrics new or second-hand, sold in the State. 

Wool fabric

All-size wool fabrics. (2-1426)

Cotton velvet fabric

Corduroy fabric, a thousand stripes, ras, embossed

Checked fabric

plaid fabric of all sizes and materials. 2-147

Flower fabrics

Cotton, linen, wool, velvet fabric with flowers.

Striped fabric

Cotton, linen, wool, velvet with stripes. 2-149

Stretch fabric

Jersey velvet fabric, pajama fabric, ribbed edges...

Patterned fabric

Fabric with all kinds of patterns except flowers and stripes 2-152

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