Shank buttons

Sewing button with one foot, various shapes. (2-25)

4 to 6 mms diameter.

Tiny shank buttons with a diameter between 4mm and 6mm, 0,6cm and 6mm. Antique doll underwears, Barbie doll size.

Shank ball 4 mms

Ball buttons, on foot, 4.3 mm. 35 colours, 3 finishes.

6 mms to 15 mms,

These buttons have a diameter more than 0,6 cm, 6mm.Diameter betwheen 6mm and 15mm.

Diameter upper 15 mm,...

These buttons have a diameter upper 15mm, 1,5cm.

Fancy shank button

Fancy shape button with leg,

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Tiny buttons on foot

Price €0.90
Buttons rustic hollow balls for 4 mm, 0.4 cm doll clothes.