Charms, pendant.

For doll jewels, scrapbooking, make your own jewels...

Glass bottle pendant,...

Glass bottle pendant, glass bottle vial.

Heart pendant, charm.

Bracelet charms in heart shape, gold, silver, strass, locked, mother of pearl.

Key, charms, miniature...

Little, tiny key, for charms or miniature for doll.

Cutlery, spoon, fork,...

Doll cutlery, metallic spoon, fork, knife miniature.

Tiny, small padlock,

Tiny mini padlock, charms or miniature for doll.

cosmetic and beauty...

brush, comb, jewels, fan....

Clothes, dress, shoes...

Clothes, dress, shoes pendant and charms.

Mettalic Cross Charms,...

Silver, gold or strass cross charms, doll rosary.


flowers, basquet, star,lis flower, metallic charms.


Bracelet charms on the theme of the sewing, the sewing machine, the needle, the buttons, the centimeter....


Bracelet charms about gardening, and tools.

Pirats, corsairs,...

Bracelet charms about Pirats, boat, navigation: Death's-head, anchor, sabre, binoculars..

Dance and Music

Dance and Music metal pendant, bracelet charms.

Babby toys and...

Baby toys and accessories, bracelet charms, pendant, doll house miniature


Animals Bracelet charms, pendant animals.

Nature: flora

Pendant Flowers, roses, leaves, treee, fruits, vegetables...flora


Watch show fob miniature for doll

Ethnic, coins

Charms of style of the world, coins

Wings and angel

Charms angels, wings, amulet.

Polymer paste

Jewelry in polymer paste, earrings, pendant, rings.

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