Vintage lacies, antique,reusing,light, thin, rustical,in cotton

To 15mms width.

All kind of cotton laces betwheen 0,2 and 1,5cm, 15mms.

15 mms to 20 mms.

Cotton laces trims, vintage from :1,5 cm to 2 cms, 15 mms to 20 mms Width .

4 cms to 5 cms

Width of laces from 4 cms to 5 cms.

Interval, bodkin

Lace bodkin because with spaces or holes to pass a ribbon, its two similar edges make it possible to be encrusted in...

20 mms, 2 to 4 cms

Laces Width beetwheen 20 mms to 40 mms.

5 cms and more

Laces and trim large width.

Cluny lace trim

Cluny lace trim

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