Craft & supplies

All Craft & supplies for hobbies. jeweller's trade, bag making, box making.

Bag supplies leather craft accessories.

Christmas, Halloween...

Decoration for Christmas, Halloween...

Storage, boxes.

Storage, boxes.


All the equipment for scrapbooking work.

Material to make a...

Material to make a box, a shop window, braids

To be painted, decorate

Unfinished wooden objects to be painted and to decorate


Wooden beads, glass beads, ponny beads Seed beads, beads, Pearls, glitters, sequins, embroidery, decoration.

Bells mini, jingles...

Bells mini, tiny jingles, liberty bells miniatures.

Tools, glue

Do you need some help, use the adapted tool!

Feathers and boas

Natural colored feathers, boas


All kind of magnets, embroidery fabrics magnets, plaster magnets, art of modelling magnets, plastic magnets.

Busts, moldings, magnets

statuette with magnet in plaster to be painted and to decorate.

Padlock miniature,...

Padlock miniature, small padlock, for bags, for doll case or suitcase.

Fabric ribbon flowers...

Flowers and leaves for décoration, bunch...

Doll and plush

Doll joint, bear joint, bears noses, bears joints, eyes, fabric dolls.


Glue, velcro, zipper, magnets

Glass bottle pendant,...

Glass bottle pendant, glass bottle vial.

Craft thread

Decration thread, craft threads


all sizes pompoms



Stones and decorations...

Glass decorations in mother of Pearl stones, plastic 5-12

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Small ribbon rose

Price €0.17
Small ribbon rose with no leaves 1 cm, 10 mms.