Plain color heart button

Plain color heart button

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Buttons, pearly red

Price €1.13
Price for 10 buttons 1,3 cm wide; 1,2 cm hight. These red palstic buttons are pearly. They are flat backed, and have two holes. Very good finihing...

Heart buttons flat

Price €0.79
Price for 10 buttons 1,3 cm, 13mm wide ; 9mm 0,9cm hight These are flat backed with no holes. To sew or to...

Heart Buttons 12mms

Price €1.23
10 buttons 1,2 cm wide x 1,2 cm hight ; Avaible in 22 coulors.

Buttons, Heart, bright colors 2cm

Price €0.42
Price for 10 buttons 1,2 cm wide, 1,2 cm hight. They are flat backed with two holes. Very good quality but finishing touch worst than buttons sold...