All kind of small ribbons, vintage, originals, embroidery ribbons, made in silk, cotton....


Small width

Very small width ribbons for dolls 1 to 6 mms.

Satin ribbon

All the ribbons satin, of cotton, silk or in synthetic material.

Organza ribbon

Orrganza Ribbon from 4 to 70 mm, 0,4 in 7 cms wide.

Fantasia satin ribbons

Printed ribbons, wired and unwired ribbons, dyed, embroidered, retro printed, weaved ribbons, hearts, birth.

Grosgrain ribbon

Grosgrain ribbons

Velvet ribbon

All size velvet ribbon

Tulle ribbon

Tulle ribbon for baptism, doll hats, 


Satin silk ribbon, 9 different widths and 62 colors.

Christmas bows and...

Ribbons for Christmas bow and decoration

Golden, silvery ribbon

Ribbon with metal.

Pearls, glitter,...

Pearls, sequins, glitter, sewn on a ribbon.

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