Braid & gimp

Braids from 1 mm to 40 mms wide.

Pleated bidding,...

Pleated bidding, ruffled,ribbon.

Floral, with flowers.

Braid and gimp Floral, with flowers.

metallic gold,...

metallic gold braid, metallic silver braid

Lace & cord.

Braids and cord.

jewelry, mettallic,...

jewelry, mettallic, sequin ribbons.

Beaded trims.

Beaded trims, ribbon and trims with false pearls.

scroll doll shoes

Galon crollé, for doll's shoes, croquet Zig zag for clothes, doll clothes.2-89

Scroll gimp.

Galon that forms festoons.2-89

1 to 5 mms

corded piping and braid 1 to 5mm

5 cms and more

Very big width ribbons, largest ribbon.

10 to 15 mms

Braid up 10 to 15 mms.

5 to 10 mms

Braid up  5 mms to 10mms..

40 to 50 mms wide.

Braid 4 to 5 cms, 40 to 50 mms wide.

15 to 30 mms

braid from 1,5 cm to 3 cms wide.

30 to 40 mms,

Braid from 3 cms to 4 cms wide.


Braided, braided galon.2-810

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