All kind of furnitures for your dollhouse

Nursery, baby,...

all the furnitures and accessories for babies and children for the dollhouse

Parents dollhouse...

Furnitures and accessories for parents dollhouse sleeping room.

Doll house kitchen...

Doll house kitchen furnitures and accessories.

Furnitures miniature...

furnitures miniature for doll shop, dentist, hat shop, shoeman, ...

Living room

furnitures for dollhouse living room

Dining room.

Table, dresser, cupboard, miniatures furnitures for the doll dining room.

Garden, porch.

Garden and porch furnitures.


Miniature Furnitures for dollhouse hall

Chest of drawers...

Chest of drawers miniature bedroom dollhouse furniture


Cupboard, Shutter closet miniature dollhouse furniture. (21-692)


Doll miniature seat, chair, armchair, sofa


Library, office furnitures

Raw wood

For decoration


Tables of all the forms and for all the uses.

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